5 times we wanted to be Lizzo! We mean, who wouldn't?!?

If you’re not a part of the Lizzo appreciate club then you should be. The woman is an icon! We love her for so many reasons, whether it’s her feel-good songs, her body positivity, or the fact that she doesn’t take any s*** - there’s no denying Lizzo has taken the world by storm, in all the right ways.

And because we love her so much, here are 5 times we really wanted to be Lizzo:
The time she dyed her hair green and covered herself in stars.

This post was ultimate gram-goals. It’s safe to say Lizzo can rock the green hair! We now want to go and cover ourselves in stars and recreate this image for our own Insta grids.  Who’s with us?

lizzo stars and green hair
The time her and Harry Styles sang ‘Juice’ in Miami

The collab we never knew we needed. When Lizzo joined forces with Harry Styles for a performance of Juice, we couldn’t help but smile. They sang, they danced and literally lived their best lives. We don’t know about you, but we REALLY wanted to be on that stage.
The time she matched her mask to her bikini

Lizzo takes COVID-chic to a whole new level. Palm print bikini, palm print gloves, and a mask to match. Summer style done right - need we say more?

The time she arrived at The Brits in a Hershey’s Dress

Lizzo rocked the Brits 2020 red carpet looking insane. Her Hershey’s inspired dress, complete with a chocolate-themed clutch was the outfit of the night.  She looked like such a snack, actually no - she’s not a snack at all, she’s the whole damn meal.
The time she released the ‘Good as Hell’ music video

Good as Hell was the anthem of 2016! When we put this on, we feel empowered as hell! “If he don’t love you anymore, just walk your fine ass out the door” – brb we’re just going to write this on our mirror, or maybe get it tattooed somewhere.