7 90s Beauty Trends You Totally Forgot Even Existed!

From Groovy Chick to crimped hair – it's safe to say the 90s served up some unforgettable trends. Back in the days when over-plucked eyebrows were a thing and contouring was yet to be discovered, dream-matte mousse and clear lip-gloss dominated the beauty world. Today we’re taking a trip back down memory lane and taking a look back at some of the best beauty trends from the 90s (that we totally forgot even existed).

Roll on Body Glitter

An absolute staple for the school disco, roll-on body glitter was a whole vibe. We layered this stuff on like there was no tomorrow (and would still be finding flecks of glitter weeks later).  

Hair Mascara

Hair mascara took sassy hairstyles to a whole new level, allowing us to create DIY highlights at home!  You can guarantee that you had one of these babies in every colour, pink was a obvs our personal fave 😉

So? Body Sprays

Clearly, a revelation in the world of perfumery these super sweet sprays were a necessity for every 90s teen. We loved to spray these CONSTANTLY throughout the day, so everyone could literally smell us coming.

so body spray

Space Buns

We have Mel B to thank for this one. Space buns were cool AF especially if you were a die-hard Spice Girls fan (who the hell wasn’t?) Although you needed a gallon of hairspray to keep everything in place; space buns gave us ultimate girl power vibes!

Scented Lip Gloss

Before we discovered MAC lipsticks, sickly sweet lip-gloss dominated the aisles of Superdrug and Boots and the glossier (and stickier) the better – let’s be honest we all wanted to channel our inner Paris Hilton.

Blue Frosted Eyeshadow

The ‘frosted’ look was the ultimate 90s trend, and blue eye shadow was the forefront. Everyone from Britney to Christina was rocking a blue lid.

Skinny Brows

It's safe to say, in the 90s we all got a bit tweezer happy. Skinny brows took tweezing to the next level. We don’t know about you, but the ‘skinny brow’ look is definitely the one 90s trend we wish to forget.

We hope we made you LOL with this trip down memory lane! Love them or hate them these 90s beauty trends were iconic!